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Foot Reflexology

Services & Pricing

Whether you’re seeking relief from tension or simply craving a moment of relaxation, our dedicated team is here to guide you on your path to wellness. Experience the transformative power of massage therapy with us today.

Body Work

$15 / 10 MINS

$20 / 15 MINS

$25 / 20 MINS

$35 / 30 MINS

$48 / 45 MINS

$55 / 60 MINS

$85 / 90 MINS

Foot Reflexology

$15 / 10 MINS

$20 / 15 MINS

$25 / 20 MINS

$30 / 30 MINS

$40 / 45 MINS

$45 / 60 MINS

$75 / 90 MINS


$52 – Foot Rub 45min + Back Rub 15min

$52 – Foot Rub 30min + Back Rub 30min

$75 – Foot Rub 45min + Back Rub 30min

$75 – Foot Rub 30min + Back Rub 45min

$85 – Foot Rub 30min + Back Rub 60min

$80 – Foot Rub 60min + Back Rub 30min

About Brooklyn Net Wellness

Find tranquility and relaxation with massage…

Welcome to Brooklyn Net Wellness, your urban oasis for relaxation situated in the heart of Brooklyn at 442 9th St, Brooklyn. At Brooklyn Net Wellness, we are firm believers in the restorative power of massage therapy to rejuvenate both body and soul. Our experienced therapists specialize in a variety of techniques, ranging from gentle bodywork to targeted foot reflexology and personalized combination massages tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking relief from the stresses of daily life, tension in your muscles, or simply a moment of serenity, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience of revitalization and renewal. Step into our tranquil haven and embark on a journey toward enhanced wellness and vitality.

Brooklyn Net Wellness

The Benefits of Massage

✅ Massage can decrease your stress and anxiety

✅ Massage can improve your circulation

✅ Massage can reduce muscle pain and soreness

✅ Massage can improve your mental function

✅ Massage can help you sleep better

✅ And more…

Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us

I found Brooklyn Net Wellness and got one of the best massages I have had in a long time and at reasonable prices!

Donna R.

Been here several times, always a different masseur but always felt great after the session. The prices are very good for 1hr.

Layla C.

Incredible prices, incredible massage. My go to place in park slope. I get back rubs and feet rubs here. Great, clean spa.

Gilbert S.

I just moved to Brooklyn and this will now be my regular spot. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the staff were super polite.

Cheyenne W.
Brooklyn Net Wellness

Our Environment

At Brooklyn Net Wellness, we want you to feel relaxed
the moment you walk through our door.